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In order for the Church to self regulate, all Christian Religious Leaders in Practice must strive toward standards of excellence. In SA today there is a call for Church Leaders to meet the “minimum requirements and qualifications” set out by bodies that intend to control the Church. We believe that Christian Religious Leaders should meet the “Maximum, Highest Level” of Credibility, Honesty, Accountability, Integrity and Ethics. The Bible requires Leaders to be of exemplary standards, able to interpret scriptures correctly, to impart Spiritual Gifts and Blessings and to make disciples in all nations.


The Public must be certain that

  • Biblical guidelines regarding Leaders should be adhered to

  • Leaders must meet the highest standards of professional conduct

  • They are protected from actions that contravene Biblical Standards and the Word of God

  • Leaders are accountable for actions that are illegal, ungodly and immoral

  • Leaders are trained and have practical knowledge operate in their Call.

  • If Leaders transgress from the Rules of the Board they will face disciplinary proceedings

  • All CRLiP members are on a database and adhere to standards of excellence

  • We approve programs that members must complete to register with us

  • After 12 months each member renews their membership

  • To renew annual membership each Leader must undergo a CPD program to remain relevant in this vocation


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